The 2012 Minnesota Trout angling season begins tomorrow.  It will mark the 9th season in a row that I have fished for trout on Jan 1.  Although tomorrow’s conditions will be expectedly challenging i suspect that I will be able to successfully locate and angle willing trout.

A winter weather advisory has been issued for southeast Minnesota.  One to three inches of snow are expected after overnight rain.  The biggest challenge will be the 25 mph sustained wind.  It will be key to locate a creek, that holds trout, that is relatively unaffected by the change in weather pattern and will be protected from the wind.

Miracle Nymph, size 20

Last year i finished angling the remainder of all of the winter southeast Minnesota trout creeks.  I am confident that I know my chase well and their habits.  In preparation for the winter season i tied my favorite winter fly.  The miracle nymph.

This pattern has been proven successful over the past three seasons. This pattern is especially effective in a size 20. It is fished whenever midge are emerging. The success in this pattern is attributed to the region’s willingness to provide habitat for enough midge to make them the dominate macro-invertebrate biomass in spring creeks.

I tied 30 of these flies which i suspect will last me until March when I will begin throwing streamers at the point in the winter season when the ice starts to break up and the fish start to wake up.

Miracle Nymphsc Regardless of what tomorrow brings this season marks the 10th for SershenBros.  I am optimistic that this season will bring at least as many jubilant rewards that the previous seasons have presented.