2008-01-19. Waitomo. Day Three.

I started the day with instant coffee and mixed berry jam toast. I prepared my fishing gear and headed down to the creek to find that it was stained enough to not be able to site fish for the Browns. I need to site fish this creek not knowing the creek and the fish in it. I turned tail and headed back to the Marae to catch the 8.30am van ride to the beach.

Amazingly the beach was black sand and the water refreshing. We spent about 45 minutes at the beach and headed back inland to the Marae stopping a Marokopa Falls. Marokopa Falls is very large and very beautiful. The hike took about ten minutes from the parking lot and was mostly down hill.

In the afternoon Rob, a student from the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, and I walked to Waitomo village with the plan to hike Waitomo Stream back to the Marae in the hopes that we would catch some fish. The day was hot and sunny.

We saw numerous fish of about three pounds however they we in places that would have made it impossible to land if hooked as the stream has high cut banks covered in various grasses. The walk took us three hours back to camp.

This was group two’s last night at the Marae in the Waitomo hills. We played cards until late enjoying the cool evening.