2008-01-23. Waitomo. Day Seven.

I woke and had a cup of coffee and got set to walk about an hour an a half to the east in search of Moakuraua Stream. According to the locals this stream is rocky bottom and holds larger fish than Waitomo Stream however is about a 5-6km walk from the Marae. I am not sure how far 5-6km takes to walk but do know that it is about 3-3.5 miles.

Erica and I set out from the Marae, I carried three liters of water in my pack and was wearing my wading shoes. We walked to the end of Ngatapuwae Road, past the stockyard and down the track on the ridge for about 2 hours without finding the track to the left that is to takes us to the stream. The track was easy walking. The day cool and breezy. The altitude was about 900 feet and offered beautiful vistas of the hills where the jungle broke or dropped into a steep valley.

We ended up deciding to walk back to the Marae and about the mission. On our way out we met three mountain bikers and got the same story from the locals as at the Marae. The stream is rocky bottomed and the fish are larger than in Waitomo Stream. The track to get there is to the left and obvious to see. It is about a 40 minute walk from the gate at the stockyard.
The mountain bikers said they would put a stick across the track to the left so that I can find it when I go back tomorrow.

Our walk back to the Marae was over an hour. I spent the afternoon relaxing and spending time with my studies.

Group four arrived late. We ate dinner at dark and went to bed nearly immediately after dinner.

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