2008-01-25. Waitomo. Day Nine.

Otorohanga is a town whereas Waitomo is a village with a populaiton of 42 people and 350,000 annual tourists.

I got dropped in downtown and got some cash form the ATM. I stopped in the sports store and checked out the spinning rods, there was nothing worth buying and then checked out the fly selection. One note from the stop here is that Maxima line spools are very cheap. Everything else is about the same price in the states.

I stopped at the Pharmacy in search of shaving cream and found that they had none.

I walked to WoolWorths and bought some shaving cream, soap, toothpaste, and a pizza for lunch. The pizza was “Hawaiian” and had corn and Spam on it. It was not worth eating however I did it anyway.

Tomorrow we head to Taupo after going to a traditional Maori Hangi, or greeting ceremony. The group wants to celebrate their last night in Waitomo at the local pub.

I took the rest of the day easy in order to get things sorted, my bags, my maps, my head. It was nice to enjoy the Marae all to myself for the majority of the afternoon.