2008-01-27. Taupo. Day Eleven.

Taupo. I couldn’t come here without fishing even just for one day even if it was lake fishing for trout, something which I know nothing about.

I started the day with a van ride to Huka Falls. Huka Falls are a great powerful falls in the Waikato River. The area was extremely busy with tourists and the bathrooms were pay toilets.

I started the afternoon with a walk to the shops of downtown. There are numerous outdoor stores here and I was interested in seeing what the Kiwi’s had to offer. Mac Pac is the Kiwi equivalent to Patagonia in the states, it seems as though it is the same exact gear, with the same warranty, with the same price after the conversion rate from Kiwi dollars to USD. I found some Kiwi knives that were made of excellent steel however carried a price tag of $180 NZD, too rich for my blood.

I bought a fishing license and headed to the lake where I found that I could cast the Winston LT six-weight to the backing but also that the sandflies were horrendous and it just wasn’t worth fishing due to lake access and casting lanes. At least I was able to fish Lake Taupo for the fee of $15.50 a day.

The Titki Lodge is actually very nice. There are seven-people in a dorm style room with a shared bathroom. There are people from all over the world staying here. The kitchen and deck in the front of the building feature a view of the lake where you can see all the way to Mount Ngauruhoe of better known as Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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