2008.05.04Redhorse on a Sunday afternoon.

I talked a few of my friends into splitting gas and heading to the Root with the lure of catching 20 – inch fish.

We made it out of Winona at 2.00pm after increasing our crawler count to six dozen.

We stopped at the Peterson canoe landing to find a chalky brown stream.

We stopped at Gilbertson to find fish holding in the tail of the stream in the clearwater by the dozens. Vanessa found a tick on her pant leg.

We headed west to Eagle Cliff where we sat until nearly dark. We used up six dozen crawlers and caught dozens of fish; Silver Redhorse, up to 23-inches, Shorthead Redhorse, Golden Redhorse, White Suckers, Northern Hog Suckers, Mooneye, and Brown Trout.

The stream was cloudy however seemed to be clearing on the edges. The flow was strong and required lots of lead to hold the crawler in place.