2008-02-09, Peel Forest. Day Twenty-four.

I arrived in Peel Forest this afternoon. I paid $18 for two nights camping and bought some gas for my stove at $3.20.
I set my tent and headed for the Rangitata River just down the road and across the path from camp.

The Rangitata River.

The Rangi is a medium sized river with braids and strong flows. It is not completely wadeable and seemingly too large to sight fish. I spent sometime walking tussock covered banks in search of a place to fly fish to the salmon that have been reported to be in the river. I do not think that fly fishing this river is realistic.

Group Three is staying at the Eco Lodge, just down the road from the campground. After my talk with Katie I am a bit uneasy about socializing with groups. Dave’s group four will be here in four days time on Feb 13. I still feel ill today and did not stay on the river too long as I needed a nap. I woke to write, have spiral pasta noodles and red garlic sauce. I did not call Shell today as I have no calling card or access to the internet to get a card. It is her birthday today. I feel like a shit for not calling. I hope Shell understands.
Tomorrow I may go up Rangitata Gorge in search of fish or for a look at Mesopotamia Station and then try to have a go at Lake Emily, in the backcountry, in the Ashburton Lakes area. Lake Emily is stoked with American Brook Trout. With any luck I can catch one of them as I have only caught one trout after three weeks in New Zealand.

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