2008-02-10, Peel Forest. Day Twenty-five.

I woke up groggy. I slept horribly. I was being harassed by at least one sniffy possum until the rains moved in. At that point I was occasionally awakened by gushing down pours, which I was able to identify by the leaks in the seams in my tent that has been worn by the seasons.
After I showered I headed up Rangitata Gorge Road toward Mesopotamia in search of water that I could relate to. In the end, I found none, however was rewarded with the splendors of the Rangitata River Gorge. I returned to camp around noon to take a nap.
I awoke at 1pm with a mission to drive to Methven to find internet to buy a phone card so that I could call Shell and wish her a Happy Birthday.
Methven is an hour by car. I found the info center had free wireless. I was able to buy a phone card. I bought 10 stamps and post cards and drove back to Peel Forest to use the phone. To my luck, the access number on the $20 phone card is not reachable through Telecom Card phones.
I ran into Pacific Challenge group 3 while trying to understand my dilema. I got an invite to come to the Eco Lodge to visit. I showered and ate and headed to the lodge, had a bit of frisbee catch with Josh and headed back to camp for another rainy night on a leaky air bed.

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