2008-02-02, Nelson / Marlbourough Reigon. Day Seventeen.

I made my way from Kaikoura back to Nelson today as I was to meet and asist Pacific Challenge group four on their way into Able Tasman in a few days time. On my way back i decided to have a go at some South Island Trout on Wuakamarina Stream.
I drove a logging road into the back country past miles of sheep pasture in search of a marked access to the stream. Finding none I turned around and headed back to the highway watching the stream all the while as I drove past it. I spotted a trout and was encouraged by this to pull over at the next spot that looked like it had a clear shot to the stream.
I parked the car at the end of a driveway and headed to the nearest house to ask if was alright to fish the stream.
I found the home owner to be making deep sea lead weights on a mold in his driveway, had a bit of a chat with him, he told me, “If you have your license is all good and all legal to fish the stream.”
I thanked him and was off to gear up for an afternoon on the Wuakamarina Stream.
The stream was of medium size and was shallow in depth. The water was as clear as tap water. The fish were massive.
As I walked along the stream I spotted several fish that all refused my weighted nymph offerings. The fish in this stream were on average six pounds by my best estimate.
I switched over to a Stimulator pattern, of which still got refused. Eventually the day began to cool and the sandlfies came out in full force which encouraged me to return to my car and head into Nelson for a night on the town.
Fish landed, zero.