Middle June

Its already middle June. I have been busy archiving my image library on my web server and missing out on being on the creek.

I now have five seasons of image collections from Minnesota’s southeast region.

I suffered a 320 gigabyte data loss in my one month old MacBook Pro last weekend incurred by the mass batch of nearly 1 million images transferring from one screaming hard drive to another screaming hard drive. That is now fixed and I am back online.

I have found little time to fish.

I have tens of thousands more images to process and publish in the coming weeks. I have dozens of hours of video to edit.

I am entering the phase in my graduate program where my thesis is taking form. This data will be an integral part of my thesis. Five years of research has yielded very interesting findings in regards to the human dimensions of angling. It is very important to me.

I am not fishing as much. I for see a future where I will be fishing less due to deadlines.

I have my archives; my photos of day trip expeditions collecting, exploring, and experiencing to now arrange in common tongue, APA Style.

I am going through transition.