May 2004, Diatribe repost.

Let me begin by telling you that I do not know where to begin with something that would be appropiate for the main page of a website. This is my first online endeveaour. I designed this site in response to the demand for pertinent information regarding the great outdoors of the region. Too many times I have met people that either do not appreciate there surroundings or do appreciate there surroundings and want to learn more. I am here to cater to those that are on a quest of furthering themselves through exploring the things natural that we live amongst.

Herein you will find my personal journal entries of my explorations of the things natural that I live amongst. I am a recent transplant to Winona, MN. I came to this wonderful eden of a village from the rat race of downtown Minneapolis. Yes, to answer your questions, I suffered severely from culture shock.

2003 brought about revelations that could be counted capstones in my life. Experiencing the Ephemerella subvaria, dark hendrickson mayfly, hatches changed my life. Furthermore, experiencing the mass rising of Ephoron leukon, the white miller mayfly, on the Missisippi imprisoned the collusion of how great my new sorroundings are.

I feel that everybody should be allowed to experience such things as these. You see, to a city boy these events can easily be classified as magic, a magic that will carry through the rest of my life.

Thank you for coming to this board. Thank you in advance for any contributions that you make.

I appreciate it all very much.

Take care and if you are fishing tight lines!