2008-01-13. Los Angeles, California – Day Two.

A short drive on the freeway landed us at a Pharmacy parking lot that was filled with exotic cars that their owners were very proud of. Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus were all represented in today’s show alongside a few Corvettes.
After taking some photos at the car show and picking up a new set of batteries at the CVS Pharmacy we headed off to hike the climb to the top of a mountain in the valley that over looks the Encino Resevoir and was the site of a NIKE missle defense system that was installed to protect Los Angeles from a Naval attack during the cold war.
The summit of the mountain featured a wonderful vista that allow Los Angeles to be viewed from a bird’s-eye perspective. Today the smog was thin and we could see the San Bernadino mountains, downtown Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, and further, Orange County.
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