2008-02-01, Kaikoura. Day Sixteen.

I drove several hours to the other coast of New Zealand to have a bit of fishing near Kaikoura as I had heard the the fishing was good there right now.
I drove through a wine country named Marlborough onto the east coast. As I drove past seals resting on the rocks memories from home overwhelmed me. I could feel myself beginning to get itchy. This is the point where I begin to loose myself.
I should had you know at this point that one of my purposes in coming to New Zealand was to loose myself and to find myself. This isn’t anything that I had planned on doing however was a last minute decision that I made under the watchful and influential eye of my very inspirational older brother Shawn.
Shawn and I were normal brothers as kids. I have at least one lasting scar from him on my head from when I was in first grade however nothing but fond memories of him, Shawn is an artist and the person whom gave me my first camera when I was eight years old. This was in the summer of 1987. We had lived in Albert Lea for nearly one year. Shawn got the camera in a department store promotion while staying with my great Aunt Patty in the summer and had given it to me as gift. It was a red point shoot camera that took 110 film. He has long since been an inspiration in my life. He encouraged me to wander and explore more and is responsible for reigniting my passion for fishing salmonids by giving me my first quality nine-weight fly rod for my 23-third birthday and then taking me fishing for my first fall run Chinook Salmon of Lake Michigan.
At this moment I knew where I was but did not at the same time. This moment and realization of unkonwn-ness was emotionally overwhelming. I sucked it up and drove to Kaikoura where I had a message to call Dave and a try at casting the surf with my 8-weight into gale force winds before the storm came up.
I stay in the Kaikoura hostle for the night and played a few rounds of Presidents and Assholes with Pacific Challange group three in celebration of Mandi’s 21st birthday.