Jan 1, 2014

2014-01-01-RainbowAnother season is upon me.  I had no worries about finding and catching trout today despite the 5 degree air temps.  Over 30 seasons of trout fishing in southeast Minnesota has given me the skill in determining where to catch despite harsh conditions.  Jan 1 has warranted the same spot for the last five seasons.  It is a spot where there are always ice free flows and active and willing fish.

Today was no surprise that within two casts I sight fished my first Rainbow of the year.  #18 purple bead head pheasant tails trailed by a #20 miracle nymph produced with well placed presentations.  The hike downstream gave us no rewards save for a hike through the forest and the awareness that were too heavily layered for 5 degree air temps.

Iced up guides was not an issue although i had mild amounts of ice collecting on my chromoly tip on my Winston WL 3-weight.  This chromly tip is the odd one out as the rest of the guides on this custom rod are titanium.  Fresh line always helps shed water in the winter and if you can dfish a rod with titanium guides it will lessen the amount of time spent pinching ice from frozen guides.