2008-02-08. Hammer Springs. Day Twenty-three.

Today I barely made it out of the hostel in Hammer Springs by the 10am check-out time. I spent two night in Hammer, fished the Waiau River and caught nothing but myself. I put a #10 tungsten bead head nymph though my shirt and my right nipple. Thankfully the hook was barbless.
I met several interesting people at the hostel. I paid $40 a night for two nights stay and had a room with a queen sized bed and a bunk set all to myself. I ate hamburgers, that I grilled, with oven cooked spicy potato wedges.
I had an older French-man laugh at my when he saw me cooking on the grill. When i was done cooking he asked me if it was done. Well, like duh man.
The first night in Hammer, I met a 37-year old single mom from London that looked quite like Whoopi Goldberg and was really creepy. She told me her life story and I do not know why. I didn’t hang long because the caddis were congregating under the street lights and thats where my attention left me.
I fished Dog Stream on Feb. 8. The creek and fish size reminded me of being in Minnesota.
I met two girls from Christchurch that were on holiday on the patio after fishing. They had been drinking since noon. Angie and Racheal told me straight away that they were not gays, which was totally akward. Like I even care. I spent a few hours with them watching them get drunker and drunker, then super dramatic, then full out fighting.
I was feeling ill so I did not make it out for the evening rise of caddis and moths.
The Waiau River was large and braided. I got stuck in quick sand to nearly my waist with the water being nearly chest deep. A man walking his dog pulled me out. I called it a day after that and was headed to Peel Forest the next day.

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