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Black Midge, February 2, 2014, Houston County, Minnesota

The thought of hiking two miles,  in knee deep snow, through a remote valley, in order to watch Black Midge crawl from water’s edge on a sunny day was consuming me.  I was oblivious to […]

Feb, 05

Buffalo Fish from August

I am still trying to get this fish ID’d.  Its up in the air whether its a smallmouth Buffalo or the rare and threatened Black Buffalo. Thanks in advance to all my friends at […]

Jan, 27

2014-01-12-Bartlett Lake

Jan, 12

2014-01-10-Duschee Creek

Jan, 10

Jan 1, 2014

Another season is upon me.  I had no worries about finding and catching trout today despite the 5 degree air temps.  Over 30 seasons of trout fishing in southeast Minnesota has given me the skill […]

Jan, 01

June 26, 2013 – Fillmore County

Taking a different route to Preston today I was able to see the aftermath of this weekends floods on local area creeks.  the creeks are still high and muddy, gravel roads are in rough shape […]

Jun, 26

June 12, 2013 – Middle Branch Root River

I came across a shoal of Carpsuckers today.  I had yet to document any of the three native Minnesota Carpsucker species as being willing to take a fly.  Today I was successful in knocking one […]

Jun, 13


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