Broken camera.

For the second time in three months my new video camera is being warranty repaired by Sanyo.

The Sanyo Xacti HD 1000 is suffering from breakage. This time I could no longer use the switch to playback my images and recordings. The first time I melted down the mother board by recording a bluegrass concert for nearly eight hours. Thank goodness for a 90 day parts and service warranty and for a back-up HighDef camera.

I fear that I will not be able to test this camera on Jan 1, when the Minnesota Winter Trout season opens however I have my reservations with using this camera in the cold surrounded by snow.

I bought these cameras to better present to you the techniques and happenings on the creeks and rivers in my area. If you are not familiar with the SershenBros video series it can be found here.

One day I will have the video casts migrated to this site and accessible in iTunes. That is but less than a month away.

I purchased the Xacti model due to its size. It is a hand sized high definition camcorder that records well in low light to an SD memory card. The issue is that it is a fragile design that cannot put up with me. I have taken good care of the device however it is just not happy with riding around in my pocket.