April 24, 2013 – South Branch Root River

Today I was able to walk about half of the nine hole fishing course in Preston today.   I found the water fast.  I was able to make long casts with my #9 gold and black Panther Martin spinner.  The course is in good shape and the trouts are willing.  For more info on Preston’s nine hole fishing course click here.

I caught several Brown trout in the 10-14 inch range.  All fish were released.  As a note, i do not fish hardware as often as I once did and its not unfounded.  In the hundreds of trout that I have caught and release this season I have induced no significant injuries to fish.  Today i had the misfortune of putting a hook through a 10-inch trout’s eye.  Next time i fish the course i will be more inclined to use a fly for lower impact angling.  Most of the fish were holding in the urban trout house made of recycled concrete.