2008-02-07, Abel Tasman to Hammer Springs. Day Twenty-two.

I woke at 11am and started my tramp back to Marahau at 11.30am.

I made the coastal walk that was rated for four hours in 2 and a half hours. it truly was my missing to be the clock on this one and I was able to do just that, even finding the time to take photos along the way.

I had a can of Tasman bitter at The Barn where my rental car was parked for two nights. It cost me $3NZD a night to park it there, the can of beer was $3NZD
I piled into my car with a new plan that was different than heading back to Canvastown. the new plan was to drive through Lewis Pass to Hammer Springs where I could stay in a hostel for cheap and to fish the Waiau River for Trout.

The drive took me the better part of the day and the road wound through the mountains.

I found that the hostel in Hammer Springs was pretty laid back save for a few senior citizens that where here to experience the natural hot springs and the pools that entrepreneurs had built to contain the waters and profiteer off of.

I ate grilled hamburgers that night with spicy potato wedges. I had an older Frenchman laugh at me when he saw me cooking on the grill. When I was done cooking he asked me if it was cooked. Well like duh.

My room was $40NZD a night. Its one window face the mountains in the direction that the sun set and there was no screen on the window. I took a long hot shower and watched the caddis and moths fly about the lights. I could imagine a rise going on in the gorge below town. I was tired and went to bed.