2008-02-05, Abel Tasman National Park. Day Twenty.

I feel that Mother Nature has directed me back to me. I spent the last few nights in room seven of the Nelson Youth Hostel Association hostel with five of Pacific Challenge group four’s students.
Today I walked 11 kilometers in three and a half hours from Marahau to the Anchorage campsite, of which, this is my second night in Abel Tasman, however not concurrently.
I spent my first night on the South Island in this campsite. In fact, my tent is under the exact same tree.
After catching the 8.25am Interislander Ferry from Wellington to Picton, I picked up a red 2001 four door Toyota Corolla rental car and drove it straight away to Marahau taking Queen Charlotte Drive to SH6 in Havelock. I had Erika McCauley, the travel photography teacher for the Pacific Challenge, as a passenger. We arrived in Marahau just in time to catch the last water taxi for the day into the Anchorage. We rendezvoused with Pacific Challenge group two at the campsite.
Today I walked the track that wound along the Tasman Sea shore for 11 kilometers. It began by going through tidal flat and then into the forest.
My feet are tender. I have several large blisters on my left foot. The blisters are in difficult places and deep into my calloused feet. I could blame my shoes however am keen to believe that it is actually just my tender Minnesota winter feet. The walk was very leisurely and the vistas were very beautiful.
I spent the day relaxing in the shade and found the time to swing the cricket bat on the beach. I had fire cooked frankfurters for dinner and found the time to photograph the constellations Orion and the Southern Cross as dusk turned into night.