Justin Caroll, winonaflyfactory.com, roll casts a trouty lie.Today I set out to fish a section of creek that I never fished in the winter.  With my list of winter creeks that I have fished being longer than my list of creeks I haven’t fished it was easy to deduce where I would end up today.  The forecasted air temps lead me to suspect that I would find hatching midge however I suspected that this would not be enough for rising fish considering the weather pattern that has been the norm for the past week.

I met Justin at a car park alongside Interstate 90 and we were off to the forest in search of open water and willing fish.

All in all the mile hike to where the fish were holding required snow shoes.  We were thankful for the lack of wind today.  Our guides iced up on average every five casts and we caught fish consistently on size 8 olive streamers.

At the end of the day I was able to check another creek off my list.  We traveled over two miles by snow shoe and were pleased with the awards that mother nature afforded us on todays Driftless winter fishing adventure.