Hookless lure Longnose Gar.

Hookless lure Longnose Gar.

Today Chad and I were host to master anglers Andy Geving and Andy Nordquist.  Geving holds the current world record for Golden Redhorse of which he caught out of the Root River a few years ago.  We set out to our backwaters current for several species, Shortnose and Longnose Gar and Sauger.


Nordquist was competing in a multi-species contest this month and these were the species he needed to eventually win the contest.

Chad has a small boat and Nordquist brought his canoe.  The boat was not big enough for four people to fish from so we towed the canoe to the current and had four of us in the boat.  We made it slow and sure and some of us got a bit wet. Note to self, you are better off towing a canoe behind the boat then alongside it.  

The Gar were less active today and I got skunked by them however managed to get a decent Flathead Cat while fishing Bluegills in the snag.  Nordquist got his species and Geving caught a fish memorable fish.

We left the snag at dark.  I sat in the canoe with Geving to get it back to the boat landing.  Chad towed us and I ruddered.  Andy and Andy assured us they would be back, of which I am excited for.