2009-06-22_That dang stick….

Chad Wenzel and a Mississippi River Channel Catfish.

Chad Wenzel and a Mississippi River Channel Catfish.

The sturgeon are still jumping however there were less today in the sweltering heat.

Chad talked me into getting on the water at Bass Camp with his success in landing a Sturgeon in the morning.

We cooked through six dozen nightcrawlers in a few short hours. I got skunked.

Chad caught the Channel Cat, in the photo to the right, in a 60-foot deep scour pool on a drift.  

We were rigged with a 3-ounce egg sinker and a number two circle hook tipper with a crawler.  We anchor  fished the backside of the sandy bottomed scour pool and drifted the roller gates in the center of the river. I had many takes that were very light and difficult to distinguish from the current or weeds floating in the current.  

Chad also landed two 10 inch Channel Catfish that confirmed my thoughts that I was getting robbed by small pecker fish.

I came home to do yard work at dusk and found a fledgling American Robin hanging out on my fence.  The bird was approachable enough to snap a few photos that I have included in today’s slideshow.