A Wild Geranium flower and a spider.

A Wild Geranium flower and a spider.

I have a bike that I can ride to the creek instead of driving my car. Today I chose to take it up over the freeway ridge and down into the valley on the south side of it in order to hit a section of creek that is rarely fished. The drive took me 45 minutes to get there.

The fish were willing. I enjoyed this $1 ride to the creek to catch a few fish to get my fix. The weather was great and the bike handled the gravel just fine.

I caught several fish on a #2 Ugly Tom and found the fish holding in pools and deep runs. I tagged on fish that was 20-inches but I had caught her before so I let her alone and caught her brothers and sisters in the 12-16 -inch range.

The Wild Geranium were blooming and I discovered a cool type of spider on one of the flowers. How neat!