Dennis Sershen and  St. Croix River Smallmouth Bass.

Dennis Sershen and St. Croix River Smallmouth Bass.

We had planned to fish Mille Lacs today however the forecast appeared to be undesireable for the day trip north fishing a lake of that size.  We instead opted for the St. Croix as we knew it was going to rain all day.


Dad arrived at Jim’s house at 8am.  he had news that his truck had gotten broken into over night and he lost about $7,000 worth of gear including the depth finders.  He still had a rod however we need to pick up some tackle with the bait on our way to the launch.

We launched on the Mississippi River at Hastings and headed downstream to the confluence with the St. Croix.  Dad was the first to hook up with a decent smallmouth.  later I picked up a small Channel Cat while Jim got skunked.  

It rained all day however we toughed it out and caught a few fish drifting the banks of Prescott, Wisconsin.