South Branch Whitewater River, Winona County, Minnesota

South Branch Whitewater River, Winona County, Minnesota

We met on the side of the road where the gravel starts.  We headed down the trail into the valley.  The road was bumpy however in great shape.  The only concern was if it rain would we be able to get out.

The sky was overcast.  Linda and I decided to walk downstream while Lisa chose to head upstream.

I walked for an hour along the creek with Linda discussing strategies and presentations to catch more fish.  We enjoyed the high bluffs in the gorge section of the valley.

I made a short demonstration to Linda on how to fish a hole and was on my way for another hour downstream.

I made my way back upstream taking several fish from runs and pools with a #2 Ugly Tom.

The fish began to rise with a fever in the afternoon.  Mayflies, midge and craneflies were flying about and the fish were eating them.

I took the afternoon easy and spent time with the camera documenting the many things natural, wild, and free.

At the end of the day we had a cold drink and talked about what we liked and didn’t like about the day on the water.  Lisa had found a great hatch of BWOs on the upstream section of river.