The South Branch Whitewater River at the end of the gorge.

The South Branch Whitewater River at the end of the gorge.

I had planned to meet my friends Linda and Lisa at Elba this evening for an evening of Brown Trout angling on the South Branch Whitewater River.  We accessed at Lloyd’s Pasture and worked our way upstream from the camper park.

There were not a lot of bugs flying around however the Browns were busy sipping the surface of the water.  I gave Linda and Lisa short lessons in presentation and approach before heading upstream past the crags in search of trouts and mental health.  

I took a few fish on a #2 Ugly Tom.  I enjoyed watching families of Wood Ducks ride the riffles in several pools and a raccoon scurrying on the bank.

I found May Apples, Wild Geranium and Phlox to be in full bloom in this section of the valley.

I was mildly disappointed in the fact that I spent nearly four hours sorting my fly boxes just to fish on streamer pattern throughout the evening.  However this was something that needed to be done.

The evening was feature to great temperatures and and wonderful sunset.

We planned to meet at 9am the next morning to chase hatching mayflies and willing trout further up the gorge.