The world record Golden Redhorse was caught in the Root River in 2007 by Andy Geving. In this video I target Golden Redhorse with crawlers in a plunge pool.
Golden Redhorse are often incorrectly identified by anglers. Most anglers accept them as carp. In southeast Minnesota most call them suckers. Only a keen few can actually identify a Golden Redhorse. Redhorse are native species to Minnesota. They are keen eaters and prefer clams and crustaceans over crawlers, minnows, spinners, and plugs.
One can learn to properly identify Redhorse species at RoughFish.com. They key to identification is knowing the number of rays in the anal fin and the dorsal fin. Also, the number of scales along the lateral line of the fish can be used to identify species. Of course you need to know your fish parts.