I found this creek while scouting with my father opening weekend in 2003. Mayflies were coming off. I had never experienced a mayfly hatch like this in a spring creek in 20 seasons of Trout angling. This was my second season of owning an actual trout fly rod. I had several seasons swinging flies in spring creeks with my nine weight. I tied the rod in 1992. I used flies that I bought out of the vending machine at the bait shop that was never open in Spring Valley. I found my Cabela’s Three Forks three weight to be much better suited for presenting size 16 Adams.

This year proved to be just as exciting for hatches to me. Although I haven’t fished a Cabela’s rod for years the mayflies proved to be just as enticing to willing trout.

This video has two parts. Thanks for watching.

Part 1

Part 2