Contrary to reports from the MNTU board that “the creeks were in tough shape(suggested to pay $20 to go to the Great Waters Expo),” I found a creek that was running clear and hatching midge that were loosing to feeding trout.

I have worked the fly fishing conference tour for many years and do not recommend these shows to anyone. Unless of course you are a hardcore angler that wants to go see your buddies tie flies for $20. I have found that you can get this for free by going to one of MNTU’s monthly meetings. Interested? go here, http://www.mntu.org

Others went all the way to Wisconsin to fish exotic creeks. I say, “Why bother?”

The fishing in Minnesota is as good or better than Wisc in that we do not have to compete with hoards of people commuting to a creek from the city. Here in MN, I have the creek to myself and the fish and bugs are willing.

I found Simuliidae (black fly) and Diptera (midge) flying about and the mayfly nymphs are entering their late instars. Their wing pads are starting to show. Once they enter their final instar they are ready to pop. I call it for the week of March 16 on certain creeks.

Let me address the water temp, I found it to be 47 degrees while finding that the reports I read from Wisconsin had water temps of 32 degrees. One report stated that near the runoff the temp of 30 – degrees. I say its time for you to get a new thermometer.

Happy happy – you don’t have to fish the creeks mentioned in this site however I strongly encourage it. i also encourage you to bring a friend, it could even be me. Share your knowledge of your fishing experiences and you will find that blood pressures will lower and the world will be a nicer place.

Thanks for reading and watching, enjoy!

5 thoughts on “2009-03-07_PossumCreek

  1. nice work. Possum creek is going to put off some serious caddis. I will be trying to narrow the possibilities down, do you have any idea on the specifics?

  2. WFF –

    The caddis that I have found typically pop about a week after the Hennie’s are making their daily dance to the sky. Typically the caddis are up middle April however this creek is a bit different than most in that the caddis populations are insane.

    I have seen Caddis flying when I expected Hennie’s. This was the first week of April. I have also heard that some creeks put up Caddis in the evening after a Hennie hatch.

    I will have to admit that I haven’t studied caddis as significantly as I have mayflies so its a wait and see. Within the next month things will be enjoyable and we will be out until dark catching fish.

  3. Once again you have made a great video. I know quiet a lot about insects and their life cycles. I know the difference between arachnids, bugs, beetles…etc. But I know very little about the aquatic insects of the lakes and rivers around here. Are there any good books or websites on these insects?
    I am just curious because I like to get into fly fishing and i know this information would be valuable. Thanks

    – Alex G.

  4. Hello Alex,

    I would suggest two books that are very decriptive and very useful but they are also more on the scientific side and give insights into life cycles, hatching water temps, even specific behaviors. These would be Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine, and Hatches 2 by Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi. I found both on Amazon.com used for under 30 dollars. These are both life long references and the information in them is very specific, these are books to keep and re-visit when a new month is coming and the hatches may be changing. Note: Hatches is Mayfly specific and Caddisflies is obviously caddis specific. Both books profile the specific species most often found and both books cover 90 percent of what we have in S.E. streams. They also both provide fly tying instruction and fishing/presentation instruction as well.

    Also, if you want to check your general Macro-Invertebrate knowledge check out the simple Macro quiz’s that are at this link.


    Specific information is great but can get confusing and so knowing the general macro’s is important as well, to help narrow the search.

    Also http://www.troutnut.com is an excellent resource as well.