You’ll have to excuse me for this as I do not care to name this creek anything other than Possum Creek.  It is named for the Possum that my friend at Winona Fly Factory treed one day while scouting it.  Its not that its the best creek in the region or even the worst however I am going to keep it nameless until I have spent enough time on it to have an appropriately studied creek personality.  

I want to know what hatches when and where.  What species of fish in habit the creek, what the water temps are at different times of the year, if it gets a sucker or redhorse run, and what the creek does after a rain storm or snowmelt.  

The creek has under two miles of eased access however runs a bit longer than that with a few feeder forks.  The access is easy and there has been landscaping done on this creek.

Today I hiked the entirety of the winter access of this creek.  I found many interesting things including a good population of fish and in-stream BMI, easy walking and access, friendly landowners, a field of cocoburs, and a frog.

I didn’t catch any fish today as I was programmed to scout more fish less.  I believe that this preconceived notion, of what my job on the water was today, afforded me the opportunity to see what I was looking for.  


The wind was bitter and stiff and my guides easily iced.  I got chased by a young Holstein with horns but found him to to very friendly.  The fish were rising in many spots as the black and gray midge were hatching.  The crystal clear water made it difficult to approach and present to spooky trout.

Water temps were 44 degrees which is on par with what I sampled last week.  The midge are ready to pop, there are many caddis and mayflies on the rocks and the stream temp is healthy and indicative of strong subterranean flows which I beleive means that the creek is fast clearing.

I will be back on this creek to do some video work and hopefully catch some fish.  Until then, look at the photos and guess to see if you can identify the creek.  Its in Houston County.  There aren’t too many creeks in that county that you can fish right now however this is one of them.

2 thoughts on “2009-02-28_PossumCreek

  1. That is a wonderful question. Thank you for asking.

    I believe it to be correct that the groups of pebbles are net spinning Caddis and the worm like larvae to be of the order Diptera, or two winged insects. They are more than likely midge however could be black flies as well.

    Thanks again!