Beaver Creek, Whitewater System, Winona County.

Beaver Creek, Whitewater System, Winona County.

Another day, another creek, another frozen guide. I called Justin at 10.30am because I noticed that he had been scouring my website for information. I figured that he would be around at that point and ready to go fish in the sun. The high was forecasted to be 28 degrees and it was 9 degrees at 10.30.

I talked Justin into heading to the Whitewater. We went on our way to Beaver Creek. I found out on the way to the water that the 28 degree high had already happened and gone. It was in the early AM that the air temp was higher and that now it was simply getting colder as the high pressure system moved through. No biggy, at least we can get some sunshine therapy.

Beaver was in its usual form. Clear and clean. Today I did not plan on fishing too much and concentrated on helping Justin break his 2009 skunk.   We got on a plunge pool that held good numbers of fish that unfortunately Justin was unable to catch any. Even though I figured he would at least fin hook one as the pods of fish were thick, this is how it goes and sometimes you unintentionally foul hook fish . You can see em but you cannot catch them. Justin did well to not spook the fish and had a wonderful belly up approach to the pool.

Justin Carrol, WinonaFlyFactory, belly crawl.

Justin Carroll, WinonaFlyFactory, belly crawl.

We walked the creek a ways so that I could get some photos and headed to an access on the Main Branch. We trudged through the human footprint-less snow. We found that there were new runs, pools, whirpools, and eddies in this section of river. We fished a bit and watched the ice shed from our lines as we mended and casted. It was 3.30pm and time to head home.

3 thoughts on “2009-01-04_WhitewaterRiverSystem

  1. Hey man! I had a good time the last few days. The belly crawl approach, I might try something different next time. Thanks for giving me a shot at the best opportunities to catch one, I appreciated it.

  2. Good pics. Did you try swinging something down to those fish? It doesn’t look like they were very deep.

    You guys have had a good start to Jan 2009. I’m envious.

  3. WinonaFlyFactory did the majority of the fishing on this particular outing. I held the cameras. He was swinging a Scud with some sort of Midge trailer.

    As far as 09 is concerned, I have yet to find a good Midge emergence and it’s generally been tough conditions to fish. I have found in past years that typically the Midge begin to hatch more consistently in February. So we will see.