Beaver Creek, Winona County, Minnesota.

Beaver Creek, Winona County, Minnesota.

Its Friday and I have the day off of work. I played my cards and figured that no one else would be out today. i played them right. I was not in the mode to actually catch fish today. I just wanted to watch them. I headed to Beaver Creek where the flows are strong and the creek is ever clear. I found fish and footprint-less snow. I made my path with Bella in tow and marked upwards of 300 fish holding in the riffles and runs.

The creek seemed to fair the flood of 2007 very well as all things are the same for more pocket water for the trout to hold in. I found no midge hatch today and covered approximately one stream mile. I found one sign of Beaver in the form of a slide that crossed the dyke from the old hatchery ponds to the creek.
Please view the video below for a better idea of what I found today.

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  1. I like the video you get from that thing. I wish I had been out in that sun, I bet it was nicer than the two times I’ve been out. That makes three days in a row, nice work man.