The paddle out was more than the distance we paddled to the camp site.

We stayed up too late last night and it was too early to paddle. It was a sunny day. We made it to the take out.

We took time for lunch at a waterfall that leaked out of a crag. This spring head was a new experience for some in our group.

When we arrived on Root past the confluence with the South Branch there were hundreds of people floating in innertubes down the lazy spring fed river. When we got to the first riffle I watch a tourist grab unto a canoe that was passing by. The two in the canoe were oblivious to this fact. The man on the tube caused the canoe to spin out in the fast current riffle.

He hit a strainer with his back turned to it and lost his tube only to find himself dangling on the strainer. Mikey went to “save” the screaming 20 something because he could not swim. They were going to take him his tube. When he paddled upstream to the strainer the guy grabbed onto
his canoe. The canoe began to take on water due to the water drag. Little did they both know that this dramatic situation could have been resolved if the tuber would have stood up in the four foot deep river.

Photo set one by Heath Sershen.

Photo set two by Mikey Paul.