Canoeing in August. Our friend Ass is back from her stint in the Peace Corp in French Guinea, that Africa for those who don’t know. So with two dogs and two boats we headed to the North Branch Root River to paddle to Highway 16.

Hatch didn’t ride in the boat the first 10 miles. He swam. Yellow Labs love to swim. Bella hung out in the boat. We got to camp at Long Crag. Chopped wood. And enjoyed the nights meteor shower.

The paddle ended up being more than 15 miles, of which, I paddle the whole way, as Shell was training Bella to stay in the boat.

It was very refreshing.

Mikey and I fished late into the night. We caught a few madtoms, suckers, and redhorse. It was awesome!

Photos set – 1 By Heath Sershen.

Photos set – 2 By Mikey Paul.