Mikey and I have fished everyday since last Friday.

We met up with the Wenzel’s and fished a wing dam off of the main channel near Fountain City. We caught Drum, Catfish, and Walleye here.

We fished the mouth of Garvin Brook in 20 feet of water. We anchored on an eddy of poo and eventually dropped back to the pool. We caught Drum and catfish here.

We moved out to the main backwater channel and caught more Drum and Catifsh.

Mikey and I are eating beer boiled, battered and fried Channel Cat nuggets tomorrow before heading to the water.

One thought on “2008-08-05_MississippiRiver

  1. I can only hope the kid has an uncle that teaches him to flyfish some day! Stink bait? The only way it could be less sporting is if you trolled with it!