Shell, Shan, Mikey and I all piled into Mikey’s battle van with two canoes on the roof and headed south. I have been tracking the mayflies for the better part of four years.

We stopped for a few photos at the bootleggers caves in Brownsville for my friends at Clear Creek.
We also scouted Wildcat Landing and the Reno spillway only to settle on the Brownsville Observation area as the place to drop the canoes and fish until dark.

The mayflies were thick here. They were coated on the rails and dead in piles on the ground. The fish were rising.

We drifted through a channel alongside the rail tracks just off of the main channel.

We caught White Bass, Largemouth Bass, Mooneye, Goldeye, Freshwater Drum, Shortnose Gar, White Crappie, and a Channel Catfish all on Chicken feathers and pieces of Squirrel tails wrapped around a hook floating on the surface of the water.

photos by Heath Sershen

photos by Mikey Paul