Today Stino and I set out to get to the South Fork of the Root River. IN all of my majestic knowledge I typically find it a struggle to end up in Choice as I typically forget that I need to go through Rushford and not through Houston. Today I went through Houston and we ended up hitting Winnebago Creek first.

Winnebago has changed a ton since I fished it last year. The trickle of a creek has opened up and there are now pools where there were runs.

We walked about a mile downstream and worked our way up stream. We spotted two fish and that was it. We didn’t catch any or see any more. Where have all the fish gone?

As with any creek in southeast Minnesota, fishing for trout goes up and down, especially when the creek is not actively managed.

We fished for a bit and headed over to Crooked Creek.

I found that more timber had moved into the creek to plug it up however these timber jams were holding great numbers of larger fish. We whacked them on scuds and crank baits.

We took a limit home, a piece, to our girlfriends for a fresh Trout dinner.