Today was a great day as we had six canoes and ten riders.

We launched at Rushford’s canoe landing. We parked the take out vehicle at Vinegar Ridge.

It was a nice fast paddle that took about two and a half hours to float. It featured a few pieces of a silo that was leftover from last years flood and a sand cut bank that towered nearly 100-feet over the river. The river was large enough to have a good game of river disc.

When we got to the camp site at the take out we found no path through the woods to the bike path. We took out at the bike bridge which was gnarly and required us to scramble over rip rap rocks.

The bike path we landed on was the right one. We headed north for the campground for nearly an hour before Nate found us and told us to turn back as the portage to the cars was not doable. We turned around and carried the boats to Highway 16.

The path was dotted with nettle, phlox, columbine, goldenrod, parsnips, lynchis and of course raspberries.

We ended up carrying our six canoes for nearly two hours however we knocked off another eight miles in the journey from Lanesboro to the Mississippi River.