Today I returned to my favorite spot to hunt morels. I brought my dogs with today. They love to climb the crag and to run through the Oak, Elm, Hickory, and Maple forest that is thick with ferns. I have been taking my dogs Mushroom Hunting because I have read numerous stories that would lead me to believe that it is possible to train hunting dogs to hunt mushrooms. I mean, why not? My lab smells the fish in the water, so anything is possible.

We hunted for nearly two hours. We cut through the Fern fields, through the raspberry brambles, and through the Oaks only to find a handful of mushrooms.

Hatch has long since been able to get water from my hydration pack. All I have needed to do is spray the water from the mouthpiece in his direction and he would drink it. Bella learned how to do this today. It is important to make sure that your climbing dogs have enough water when bluff climbing.

We found the strawberries to be flowering, the wood nettle maturing, columbines in full bloom, golden flowers, honey suckle, wild geraniums, shooting stars, and jack-in-the-pulpit.

I diced the Morels that I found and mixed them into ground hamburger for a grilled meal. It was delicious.