Today we deeped up in two new Wenonoah Norfolk canoes with three paddles combined. We put in just below Minnesota City on Garvin Brook. Our access was not really an access. Mikey, Al, Conor, and I made due.

This section of Garvin Brook had been ravished by floods in August of 2007. The bulk of the trash, including cars and garages, was gone. The creek is rather shallow with a muddy bottom. It was feature to numerous down trees across the channel that we pulled the boats over.

We spotted numerous Bald Eagles. Some were perched in trees over our heads as we slipped by in our canoes.

We paddled to the mouth of Garvin Brook and got onto the Mississippi River where we discovered dozens of wading Egrets and Blue Herons.

We took out at Verchota Landing.

The paddle took us approximately 2.5 hours. Please view the photo album for the route map.