Today we are going fishing. We are using our canoes to get to the honey holes. Our first stop was Mertes Slough.

The river has been dropping significantly over the past few days which, according to the old timers, means that fishing should pick up.

We caught no fish here. We found minnows, carp, and gar in the scum line in the back corner of the slough.

The wading birds, Herons and Egrets, are abundant here as there is a rookery here.

I took a walk through the floodplain and came across an Egret that could not fly too well. I watched it swim across the lagoon.

We lost Nate when we loaded the van to go to the spillway to fish the current.

We caught several Drum on crawlers on the sand flat below the discharge. The wind was strong across the current. The fishing was slow.