Today we had ten to hit the river. For some, it was our second day this week on the water in a canoe. Our destination was the Zumbro River between Theilman and the Kruger Recreation Area.

I am excited to say that we found a patch of blooming Trillium alongside the road to the launch in Theilman.

We got on the water at 2pm. The duff car was dropped and we launched our four boats and piled 10 people into them. Attendess; Me, Shell Dunkin, Danielle Quist, Nate Ramseth, Amy Cielinski, Eldri Snow, Brad, Vanessa, Ben and Anna.

We paddle the swift current through spring squalls. We stopped for a turkey sandwhich on a sandbar. We stopped at the canoe camping spot for a fire and hot dogs.

The water was stained and fast. the only technical parts of this river involved log jams and down trees.

The put-in was gnarly, the take-out was even worse.

The paddle took about four hours. In the home stretch we noticed the right bottom of a rainbow, at the landing we found the other half.

Danielle was the only one to get wet. She fell off the bank at the canoe campground, of which was also very gnarly.

There were many moto bikes cruising the trails and the canoe areas were in poor shape. Our guess is that the bikers take precendence over the boaters in this drainage.

We hunted for morels and found none. None of us fished. We all enjoyed the day.