2008-05-12_Garvin Brook

Yesterday I got a report from a fishing buddy that was celebrating Mother’s Day with his girlfriend’s parents in Minnesota City. They live on Garvin Brook. There are Redhorse in the riffles that the flood of 2007 created.

In my five years of living in Winona I have never found Horse in Garvin Brook. The sandy bottom just was not ideal for spawning for this species. This year is different. There is now gravel in the lower section of the river. The Horse have instinctually located it.

I fished it yesterday for one quick fish. I came back today with the fly rod.

I strung up my 8-weight Sage SLT and put on my Lamson Lightspeed. I tipped the leader with 3x tippet and a #10 tungsten bead head brown nymph and was into fish on my first cast.

I made it look easy so I passed my fly rod to Brad so that he could catch his first Horse, and further, his first fish on a fly. He hooked up and landed a nice one.

I caught Silvers in the run above the riffle, I caught Shortheads in the riffle. All were taking the brown nymph.

My largest Silver for the day was 25.5-inches.

At one point a spunky Silver jizzed all over my clean coat. It is the norm when fishing spawning fish.

I will return many times this week between work, dark, and Morel hunting.