Two cars, two boats, four people and three life jackets; We gathered on the west side of town waiting on an additional life jacket. Between the four of us, Mikey, Nate, Amy J, and myself, we have the combined adventure of a herd of Mountain Goats. None of us had the balls to run the Root at 4000-cfs in a canoe without a life jacket.

We put in at the dam in Lanesboro. We put a car at the canoe landing just below town. We knew the river was going to be fast however none of us expected it to be like this.

The riffles behind Lanesboro had three foot standing waves. We made the run in less than an hour with a 20-minute breather at the confluences bike path bridge.

All of us were completely wet from running the standing waves. I bailed out 24 frisbees worth of water from my boat. The water was not from a leaky boat.

Running the Root at flood stage is something to be repeated.