2008-04-12_Rush Creek

It’s trout opener and the Root River is running at 5500-cfs, the temperature is hovering near the freezing point, and the wind is blowing as Jack Frost released his final breaths of the year from the Canadian Arctic.

We started at Gribben Creek where the brown water from the Root was backed up into the tail water pool at the confluence. We fished with crawlers for an hour and had no bites.

We headed to Rushford in search of new water to fish and ended up under a bridge fishing a pool with hatching midge and rising Rainbows.

Here I landed several Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and spawning mode Creek Chubs. Bella kissed each fish before they were released. The wind was cold. I kept my gloves on my hands when I could. I had to keep my crawlers inside my coat to prevent them from freezing.

The fishing was fast.