2008-04-03_Pine Creek

Today I met Brad on Pine Creek. We figured we’d better get our fill of this creek before the trout harvest opener as it gets hit pretty hard.

It was windy in this part of the valley. Our plan was to hike upstream through the State Forest in search of new water to catch fish on.

As we skirted the bluff and stopped at pools to throw our spinners to catch a few smallish Browns the local Yellow Lab showed up and decided to join us and Bella for the outing. Brad and I had fished with this dog the last time we fished this creek. He is friendly and well behaved.

We wound through the state forest around the posted and private land ending up in a part of the forest that was quiet.

Brad landed the largest Brown of about 15-inches. There were sporadic midge flying about. The wind was unnoticeable in the part of the forested valley that we spent most of our time within.