temperature 35 degrees Fahreneheit

Water 40 degrees Fahrenheit, clear

Clear skies.

Black Midge Hatch.

I entered the creek at the end of the service road off of Highway 30 to the west of Beaver, MN.  I walked to the creek, as a crow flies, south from the car park.  I chose to walk the creek  downstream.  I found the fish holding in the bellies of pools.

I took one Brown Trout on a #16 Pink Lab.  The fish I am spotting are all relatively the same size.  The population of trout is dense.  

I walked upstream toward the county line.  The fish are holding mainly in the bellies of pools.  The pods of fish are decreasing in in numbers of fish however the average fish length is increasing as I near the headwaters spring section of the creek.  The fish habitat is also increasingly becoming more marginal.

I found a short run with an incredible undercut where the creek is 15-20 feet wide with a six to nine foot deep cut bank.  the water depth is nearly 11 feet.  The fish are staked up in this pool like nobody’s business.  Unfortunately I ended up fin hooking several trout.  The is a Beaver Dam on a feeder creek just upstream of this undercut pool.  There are four or five fish in this pool that are 20-inches or better.  They are not suckers however are trout.  The flow of this section of stream is A- level difficult to present to the fish.

1pm, the fish have moved from the belly of the pool to the head of the riffle.  I put ten fish to hand all within the six – ten inch range.  I took on fish, 15-inches, from the feeding lane on a #16 ice dub lab.  

The snow melt is significant today as the gullies that cross the service road out of the valley are full and running across the road.