2004 Original Guide Rate Page

In 2004 I started my guide service. At that time it was Yellow Dog Adventures. I aptly named my service after my dog. Hatch is a Yellow Lab. Soon thereafter a more organized guide service registered the name Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures and I changed mine to SershenBros.

Below is the original guide service page. from 2004.

If you read this post and are considering a guide, call or email me and I will honor these rates from 2004 pending you mention this post in your booking request.

Yellow Dog Fishing
Adventures Guide Service

Hatch Goldenrod,
bug catching extroidinare!

Yellow Dog Fishing Adventures offers
you over 20 years of trout fishing experience on the spring trout creeks
of southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa. We are a comprehensive
service that offers trips and instruction for all levels of fly fishermen.
Whether it is your first time with a long rod in your hands or you are
a seasoned vetran we can help you catch fish.

All you will need when booking a trip
through our service is a fly rod and reel, waders, and a license. We will
supply custom leaders, hand tied flies, lunch(full day trips only), Minnesota
stream maps, and full instruction on how to catch fish and plenty of information
about the regions insects.

If you book a full day trip your lunch
will usually consist of a 1/4lb. super hoagie on amish bread, cold soda,
chips, and yogurt. If you have a specific flavor in mind for lunch be
sure and let us know, we will do our best to accomodate you.

We will provide transportation to the
stream from Winona in a fuel efficient vehicle or we can meet you at an
access point on the water.

Rates –

Weekend: full day $125
(8 hours)

half day $70 (4 hours)

Weekday: (Afternoon trips only)

full day $155 (8 hours)

half day $85

We are an adventure service because many
times the trips include beautiful wildflower blooms, pristine wildlife,
and prolific insect hatches. Many of the area streams are within the Richard
J. Dorer Forest which provides wonderful scenery and clean air.

a trip today!




D. Sershen

Some say I was born with a fishing pole
in my hand. I for one am not so sure of that but I do know that
I have been fishing since I could walk. I grew up in Southern
Minnesota and have fished the spring creeks in the SE for more
than 20 years.

I am currently a student at Winona State
University studying in the Mass Communications department in order
to acheive a degree in public relations. I am planning on supplementing
that degree with minors in political science, global studies,
and marketing. What all of this studying has to do with a fish
bum is still something of a mystery, even to me.

I studied for a year at the University of
Minnesota in the Twin Cities. I took many biology and native american
studies courses. I left the U of MN to start a cafe in south Minneapolis.
The cafe grew and blossomed into an event production company and
a full service recording label catering to local and international
electronic artists. All of that was find and great but it left
me with no time to fish. I took a day job at the Metropolitan
Mosquito Control District as a field biologist specializing in
disease vector prevention, in order to quelch some of my thirst
for things wild and natural During the off season I worked as
an exterminator for Orkin in order to allow time to study bugs.
My passion for insects was now becoming severely engrained in
my personality.

Eventually I decided to move back to the
SE where I could fish within the pristine nature whenever I deemed
appropiate and began to apply my new found wealth of knowledge
of insects. I am currently involved in studying the regions mayflies
and caddis flies as correlates to run off pollution abstracts
in our area streams and creeks. With all of these bugs come fish.
You cannot spend all day collecting bugs on a trout stream and
not take the time to fish!

I have been tying my own rods since I was
5 years old. I have been tying flies for 5 years and have even
sent batches of flies to be fished in the Mountains of Mongolia
with the guides of Mongofly.com

I do not reserve all of my fishing passion
solely for trout. I spend a great amount of time trying to perfect
and develop the art of fly fishing for carp. I do take an occasional
walleye trip to the north woods to fish with Pops and Grandpa.
And I also enjoy dry fly fishing for bluegill and bass.

I have a 2 year old Yellow Lab, Hatch Goldenrod,
he is my partner for most of my expeditions into the woods. We
have fished together from the streams of SE MN/NE IA, to the great
lakes tributaries of WI, IN, and MI in chase of king and steelhead

I have a great passion for learning and
for sharing what I know. Hopefully we can get out on the stream
and wet a line!

Tight Lines-