I decided to get out and blow off some stress today. Fishing is truly my medicine. I had a call late thursday night, it was the kind you hate to get, “Dad is in the hospital, he had emergency surgery earlier today, there were complications, he is back in surgery again.” Man, my favorite guy to fish with is down for the count. The Chicago crew was scheduled to fly up for the day. With this they cancelled. I was planning on going out on the Ole Miss for the Sauger run with Dad, My Bro, and my brother in law on Saturday, can that. I needed to get out ALL day and hike! and fish! Craig and I decided to get a late start on the day. I needed to sleep in, I was up late on the phone with the family trying to get Dad’s status, and Craig wanted to tie some flies for an anticipated Light Hendrickson Hatch.

We were on the SBWW by noon. To our surprise there was only on vehicle parked at the snowmobile bridge. We both took our time getting our rods rigged and heading to the water. She was milky. We anticipated the hatch to come off later.

Craig and I were both rigged to nymph. Him with 2 flies, me with one, 2 is cheating. Craig was the first to hook up in the riffle under the bridge, but the fish was too small for his fly and its eye popped out. I got a stocker rainbow a few minutes later.

This one was coming home for me to eat. I had to spend almost $500 on books last week and my exhaust has fallen off of my Geo Metro. Time to hunt and gather to remain fit. By this time a Few light hendrickson started to some off. Inspecting the undersides of rocks did not give in to too many hendrickson nymphs. I took a water temp and the temp was 55 degrees. The hatch is peetered. Lost somewhere in the flood water of the week. Nymphing was slow and my attention span was waing and I was anxious to catch fish on a dry. We headed to Trout Run in the Park.

We ran into a few anglers coming off the trail as we were entering. They said they got a few on what we expected to fish. BHPT size 16-18. The go too. They reported that a few hendrickson were coming off and that fish were keyed. If you have yet to fish Trout Run go there and you will see that it is aptly named. zero fish. but we did make an awesome discovery.

Craig had passed this little guy up. She stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I was able to get within grabbing distance of her for the photo. Eventually she must of smelled our fisherman funk and spooked. She made a deer yelp as she ran off. Just then we heard a rock tumble from the side of the hill and heard mom coming. The doe ended up coming out of the forest with rod distance of us. She she paused to give us both dirty looks and was one her way.

Trout Run was quickly walked and we sucessfully spooked every fish in the stream. So we headed off to a section of Stockton Valley Creek that is owned by friends of Craig’s.

We were greeted by the dog on his way out from the creek. He was happy to see us! He chatted with the land owner for a few minutes and proceeded off to get some honey.

The fish were rising to an invisible hatch. We saw a few LH spinners on the water so we dicided to fish with duns for giggles. The water was much clearer than SBWW but not as clear as TR.

I picked up this little guy first.

Craig was casting to the same fish in a riffle for about 15 mins before she got sick of seeing his fly float by. A nice one.

A nice 12″ wild brown!

The hole we were fishing was a croucher. We blew her out landing this fish, so we headed upstream.

We found a riser in another section. It was my turn to hook up, I tried but I ended up with a 6 foot spaghetti ball of 7x. Craig stepped up.

He Produced!!

This hole was small and again she got nerded so upstream we went. We sat on a hole for awhile and fished the invisible hatch to risers. I looked at rock and found some small black crawlers in size 20, leeches and scuds.

The cows didn’t mind us at all. Which was nice, becuase they were bigger than the car I had been riding in all day! We walked up to the fence line and spotted and spooked fish. The mosquitos were out now. We headed back to the first hole to fish the invible hatch once again. Right off the bat I finished off my Trifecta Day!

Yeah, he outfished me, and out sized me all day!! But I was happy to take some photo of some guy that I enjoy fishing with holding some nice wild trout. I had also just had my first trifecta day of my life in SE MN, I was still happy! We decided to shoot over to Ruppercht and scout a bit. One start of my car prompted the Landowner to tell us to stay out of Stockton with a car that loud, the sheriff and highway patrol were doing a seat belt sting. I decided that getting pulled over would cut into our time on the water, so instead we headed south to get on Rush Creek, we accessed at I-90.

It was dinner time and we were in search of a good rock to get a 6 inch fire going to cook our hot dogs on. We found an old piece of farming equipment barried in the dirt instead!

While we were cooking our beef filled hot dogs the cows came in to feed. These half tailed guys were pretty curious about the smell.

After eating we headed down to the first drop pool where some size 20 white mayflies were coming off as well as a slew of Salmon flies. I forgot to mention that there was a blizzard hatch of caddis coming off too. Size 16 dark wings, dark body. But no fish rising.

We did some fishing. The bluff was enchanting to fish from the riffle head to the cave.I took one more fish before we headed for the car. We almost got stampeded by the returning cows. I dropped my singlasses running from them. I did not realize it until we had gotten to the stile. It was a long walk back to find my shades after a great long day of fishing!